Tuesday, March 24, 2009

List of La Jolla Cow Parade Cows, Artists, and Sponsors

Cow Parade, La Jolla, was produced in partnership with CowParade Holdings Corp. of West Hartford, Conn..

See the Cows from March 15, 2009 - June 15, 2009

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  1. A Beautiful Life: Sonia Lopez
  2. Action Cow: Perry Vasquez
  3. Alternative Energy Vehicle: Lowell Niles (not on public display due to safety concerns, but will be auctioned)
  4. Blind Faith: Mario Torero
  5. Cherry: Judith Shufro
  6. CloWds: Chris Polentz
  7. Common Language: Jorge Tellaeche
  8. Cowmunity: Sean Brannan
  9. Cowntinflas: Brenda Mora
  10. Cowsablanca: Artisans By the Sea
  11. Cow With A View: Jim Darroch
  12. Crazy Quilt: Rina Vinetz
  13. Crow Cow: Crow Isaias
  14. Designer Jeans: Jean Wells Hamerslag
  15. Digesting the News: Steve Maloney
  16. emoo, A Reason To Survive: Inocente Izucar Galicia
  17. Fearless: Ofelia Alvarado
  18. Flower of Life: Matt Cirello
  19. From Wild to Weighed Who's Getting Paid: Hieronymus Schofferman
  20. iCow: Jeremy Gaucher
  21. It's A G Thing: Jaime "Vyal" Reyes
  22. Moo Jack: Sean Brannan
  23. Mad Cow Wild Style: Daniel "Pose2" Hopkins
  24. Milano Cow: Tom Bugzavich
  25. Moo Indigo: Kathy Przekopp
  26. My Ancestors' Village: Brian Swearingin
  27. Psychedelic Green Cow: Matt Forderer
  28. Ribbons and Bovine: Chris Keller Mueller
  29. River Cow: Stephanie Mead
  30. Running of the Bulls: Vicky DeLong Danielle Smith
  31. San Diego MOOves you: Laura Berlin
  32. San Diego Nightlife: Robert Crisman
  33. See One, Be One: Josiah Neeper
  34. Señorita Flora Fauna de Vaca: Hollis Litrownik
  35. Shaya's Dream: Eduardo Parra & the patients of Rady's Children's Hospital
  36. The Triumph of Will: Carlos Castrejón
  37. There's More Than One Way To Milk A Cow: Zoey Stevens
  38. Tribal Bovine: Ingrid Vigeant
  39. Vibrant Village: Don D. Knapp and Denise J. Bonaimo
  40. Werc Cow: Werc Alvarez
  • AimLoan.com
  • Barona Band of Mission Indians
  • California Milk Advisory Board
  • Clients & Profits Worldwide
  • Cooley Godward Kronish
  • The Corky McMillin Companies/Liberty Station
  • Illumina
  • Jack in the Box
  • La Jolla Light
  • Roberta & Malin Burnham
  • Markus Mediation
  • Maudlin
  • Metropolitan Transit System/Coca-Cola
  • Quick-Dry Flood Services
  • Union Bank
  • Zoological Society of San Diego

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